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Posted by on Nov 23, 2016 in Wedding, Wedding Tips and News | 1 comment

The Perfect Gifts for Any Newlyweds This Holiday Season

Coming out of such a beautiful summer and autumn, we enter the busy, and often hectic winter holiday season. On one hand the days are colder, shorter, and darker; on the other hand you have the opportunity to see and catch up with those in the family and friends around the country that you don’t get to see on a regular basis. This is great for telling stories, feasting, celebrating and of course exchanging gifts. Some people are easier to buy for while some can be a challenge. Luckily, most of us know someone who was recently married over the last 9 months or so. There’s a good chance they got most of what they wanted and needed for their reception, but there has got to be a few things they could still use.

Think Outside the Box

They probably already have a fully stocked kitchen, bedroom and bathroom linens, etc. If you want to keep on giving and brightening their first year together consider making an action rather than buying something material. Some great ideas would be a monthly flower delivery service, a wine of the week subscription, or some house cleaning services. There are a lot of non traditional gifts that would surely bring a smile to their face.


Think What Make Life Easier

You may also think of helping them out with something they really need, rather than want. Being newlyweds can be incredibly hard financially. You could make the gesture to pay a month’s rent or utilities. If they live quite comfortably already, treat them to something they wouldn’t normally spend their own money on like reservations and a gift card to the city’s finest restaurant.

For Anything Else

As any newlywed will tell you, there is always something they could use around the house. Maybe it’s something like a snowblower that they need now, but didn’t think to ask for in the warmer months of their wedding. Do a little spy work, and find out what they are still missing. Then head over to and see what deals you can find. Kmart is such a versatile retailer, if all else fails buy them a gift card and let them get whatever they desire. Maybe they want something out of your price range, you could get them a gift card to help them get a little closer to their goal.

1 Comment

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