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Posted by on Apr 18, 2017 in Bridal And Groom, Wedding, Wedding Location, Wedding Party And Decoration, Wedding Tips and News |

Should You Have a Destination Wedding? What You Need to Consider

The location of your wedding is what sets the entire atmosphere and personality for your wedding. This is your opportunity to show your invited guests an important piece of you and your spouse. Deciding whether or not to have a destination wedding can be tough. Although it opens up your wedding location possibilities considerably, there are many factors you must consider.


The number of guests you plan to invite to the wedding can determine the location of your wedding. Assuming the majority of your guests live somewhat near you, air travel is not feasible for everyone, whether it be a fear of heights, a disability, or financial issue (unless of course, you are willing to foot the bill for all of your guests). This means that some important people in your life could miss out on your big day. If you are having a small wedding with a small number of key people in your lives, then a destination wedding could become a memorable event in all of the lives of your guests.



Having guests at a destination wedding means you will have to worry about booking more than just the honeymoon suite at the nicest hotel in the area. It is ideal for you and all of your guests to stay in the same hotel. Although the majority of hotels will offer special pricing for a large number of rooms that need to be booked at the same time, this will require you to figure this out quite far in advance.


Depending on how much time you will be spending at your wedding venue, a destination wedding requires far more planning. When using a wedding planner site to find suppliers, if you are near to home, you are able to closely monitor the cake, caterers and wedding venue much more closely. If you have a destination wedding, you may still want to send a trusted wedding planner to the destination to ensure everything is to your liking. The first priority should be to look for wedding venues in the area of your wedding, this means you have something to build on when it comes to booking the rest of your day and working within budget.


Ideally, you and your spouse will be heading somewhere new for a little post-wedding bliss. Many people that have destination weddings have the wedding at their honeymoon location. This is not ideal if you are wanting some alone time with your partner. Consider having the wedding ceremony and your honeymoon in completely separate locations. This way, your post-wedding glow wont be disrupted by needy family members.