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Posted by on Nov 23, 2016 in Bridal And Groom, Wedding Tips and News | 1 comment

3 Top Gifts for Your Bridesmaids

You’re preparing for the most magical day of your life: your wedding to your beloved. By your side throughout the planning and your big day will be your bridesmaids. Planning for the best day of your life takes a lot of work, in between the joy and exhilaration. It’s traditional to buy a memorable gift for your bridesmaids as a thank you for all their help. If that seems too overwhelming with all your other decisions, here are the top gift ideas your bridesmaids will surely love.

Jewelry. A classic gift, jewelry for your bridesmaids can include a special bracelet charm that you give to each bridesmaid. Choose something meaningful, such as a gold charm that matches your wedding theme, such as seashells or hearts. You could also choose a Pandora charm with bling, such as colored gems that match your wedding colors or the bridesmaids’ dresses.


Hair and Makeup. While it’s a nice touch to have all your bridesmaids meet a local hair salon on the day of the wedding, it may not always be a feasible option. You could buy makeup kits in the colors to be worn on your big day. Or you could buy a gift certificate, which your bridesmaids could redeem after the wedding. It’d be a nice treat for them to choose a new look, or special makeup set, that they’ll love to wear every day.

Pamper Packages. You’re not the only one under stress of wedding planning. Even the most organized and excited bride and bridesmaids will feel a bit overwhelmed during the process. Consider buying a spa pampering package for your bridesmaids. You could arrange a day for everyone to meet, have fun, and unwind together at a local massage center. Or you could a package for them to use after the wedding, whenever they want some down time to rest and rejuvenate themselves.

You won’t have to worry about the cost, or at least, you’ll be able to find your gift ideas at a discount. Check out Groupon Coupons, a huge website filled with hundreds of thousands of coupons. It’s free to use. Search for local retailers in practically every category. You can find coupons on every gift you’ll need for your bridesmaids. You may save enough money to buy something special for your beloved, yourself, or other family members that you want to thank for standing with you over the years

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